Tabea will present her poster at the IPMM Days


The IPMM (Interdisciplinary Program Molecular Medicine) days will take place luckily in person and Tabea will present her poster with the title Deciphering the Molecular Mechanisms of LIN28B in Tumor Induction, Tumor Maintenance and Metastatic tracks in squamous cell lung cancer.

When: 22.-23. June 2022
Where: Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

The IPMM Days are an annual conference where the PhD students present their projects either by giving a presentation or preparing a poster. IPMM is the joined graduate school of the Mat. Nat. Faculty and Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cologne. 

The picture shows, Tabea's results of a multiplex ELISA of serum samples in presence and absence of LIN28B expression. Angiogenic markers such as Angiopoietin-2 are significantly increased upon LIN28B expression.

Source: Tabea